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Going to walmart a bit ago and this semi almost ran a stop sign and hit me. I literally had my life flash infront of me and was scared shitless. I thought my life was done and over with. I honestly thought this is it I didn't even say goodbye to anyone. God let me tell you I really hate driving these days. Everytime I'm alone I swear I have a hit me sign on my van. I don't get it.
  Anyways today has been a lot better then the rest of my freaken week was. It was payday and now it seems like things are just well going better for once. lol But did get news yesterday that my all time favorite show degrassi is ending after this season and I'm sad about that. That show was my everything when I was in school. It may sound odd but that show helped me out alot. Made me not feel so weird and that I could survive school.
        Well today I got the twins a cute outfit each. Lucas got this cute one piece summer camo outfit with a bear on the front which I love since his nicknames bear and the back was him to a tee it said wild child. lmfao love it, then Annie got this cute summer outfit to and i got my 2yo the same one. But they loved them. Anyways sorry its short Im out on this going to catch up on my 30 day challenge in 1 entry Ive been slacking oppps

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That semi-incident is awful! I'm glad you're okay.

thank you. It scared me so much, I saw my life flash befor me I know that.

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