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30 day challenge day 7-5 fav songs!!! Plus a few other words I'm thorwing in haha
So for 30 day challenge today is 5 favorite songs.
   1. Time of Your life-Green day
   2.Concrete angel
   3. Really anything country
   4. 90s music
   5. Its hard to have favs cause I just love music lol

Anyways so worked last night wasn't really bad. But havn't worked in 2 weeks since the same weekend 2 weeks ago lol. SSince hten 6 residents died and well they got like that many new ones. So it was totally different. I thought one resident was a family member. Then that resident literally scared the crap out of me while I went to the bathroom and came out there she was. OMG I jumped, lol but 2 of the new ones in my group I had were realy awesome and nice. I enjoyed them had a great conversation with them and what not. It wasn't to bad of a night just felt like I'd never get out.The group I had was one of the hardest on the floor and yea it takes time thats for sure. At the end of the night we just got done run (checking the residents to see if they need to be changed) well I filled one of the residents cups up with ice for them, and the nurse on went off on me trying to say I didn't do one of the residents care. Haha funny I did way earlier on in the night. I had changed his shirt just didn't change his pants he didn't have many and wasn't leaving him short the next day. Swear sometimes these nurses just don't get it. If they'd just not sit on their asses when they work they'd get it. Instead maybe they should get off their asses and try to do our job they'd be shocked. Its not as easy as they think. Not to mention she ran out the nurse did for like 25 minutes and left me and the other cna in my hall way with me at the nurses station the whole time so we couldn't do care. We instead had to keep two of the residents from standing and grabbing at everything. Then this girl and I put the one in bed as no one else had done that yet. Then we put another in bed and were answering lights non stop. Funny isnt it? But yet we weren't doing anything. Yea cause I totally sat on my ass all night. No more like did care took care of residents at the station and also answered lights while the other cnas ignored the crap. ERRR pisses me off. Well I'm out for now going to eat lunch then head to work for another 330-11 shift. YAY me. haha O yes my 5yo Coby lost his first baby tooth today!! Tooth fairy visits him tonight.!!



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