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When will life give me a break
Ok I get that life can be shitty but come on now. Its like been nonstop for a month pretty much. Thought it was a turn around this weekend. Boy was I ever wrong as usual. Bam here you go lets throw another curveball at you. No I can't handle much more this shitty crappy stuff. I need a break I need life to just be normal you know? But god thats never going to happen I swear. I'm literally at the point now where I just want to run away from everything. Its like I will never catch a break ever. Of course this all has to happen just 3 weeks befor we go to court to. ERR now its making not even look forward to that. Cause the way my lifes been going I swear nothing good will come from that day. Expecially if he goes to jail because he will probably not be alone so there goes people who bring him angry at me. I will probably end up being attacked over the shit. I'm sorry just latley I don't know what to do anymore you know? Its like theres not break anywhere for me anymore. Someday I guess there will be until then I just take what lifes throwing my way. I just hope with all this crap that once things get better they stay that way for a while. Cause I just don't know if I can handle the shit nonstop anymore. I've never wanted to just break down and cry as much as I have latley.


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I'm sorry things are bad right now. I also know that hearing everything will get better isn't what you want to hear either. But the truth is...  there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Everything will fall into place and in 3 months or 3 years you will look back at these journal entries and remember how hard you fought to get to where you are at that moment. Believe me, I know. 5 years ago my husband and I lost everything but the shirts on our back. Homeless, with 2 daughters. I never thought things could get any worse or any better. But they got worse and then slowly everything got better. It took alot of strength and alot of courage but today I can smile and think back to those horrible times and remember that every terrible thing that happened, happened for a reason. It has gotten me where I am today. Stronger, happier, and healthier.
I can't wait to read your future journal entries, because they will be about happier moments.

Thanks I know it will get better. Just have to wait!! Life can be a roller coaster thats for sure! But thanks hun and I know I can't write about the better days either. Hugs hun and thanks!!! :)

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