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All Time FAV show
I have to admit I will always love Degrassi and I dont care if I'm 27 and still watch it. I have just watched it since I was like 10. I watched the original degrassi way back when to. So tried to catch up today since July starts the new ones again. Didnt see I was 2 seasons behind lol but yea it is the best show ever. It is the only show to discuss topics that happen in real life. Only show where the kids look normal. Hate how everyone is perfect in every other show I have ever seen. So anyways just had to say. talk soon


O and just incase anyone reads this and loves it as much as I do come join the new community I created!!!

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Omg i know I'm depressed lol. I cna't even get over that its ending. I've watched since I was 10 with degrassi jr high. I'm about to write a depressed sad entry how I'm going to miss it lol

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