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Life as a Parent never boring
Double trouble? hahaha sure why not I'll take it now. 14 months going to be 15 on the 27th. Annie and Lucas sweet babies. Lucas is actrually the devil in disguise I swear to god. Annie loveable as can be. Well yesterday Lucas puts his finger in her mouth. (totally innocent babies discovering eachother I know) Well Annie bit him and he screamed i sat there laughing yes I'm a bad mommy but after all he sits on her stands on her, so payback? But made me think of Charlie you bit me. Then this morning I get them ready Lucas easy diaper on. Grab Annie go to take diaper off and yea well it wasnt there. I was confused, the diaper taker offer? Lucas as he enjoys taking them off. I wasnt told about this crap. lol

Brings me to this story your a parent the words that come out are things you never thought you'd say. My 2yo used the litter box yup pooped in it. Yea never thought Id ever say no pooping in the litter box. Life as a parent its crazy things that come out can be scary. So share in comments of things you have said. I know I can give more lol But cant think right now.


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Oh I'm sure I have some good ones from babysitting lol, have to think of them though....

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